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Not only to some dealers but also end users who are having trouble with measuring their axles or what they actually need to replace them while RapiLock Axle provide a measurement guide including 5 different axle lengths:105/133/147/154/164mm along with different thread pitches P1.0/P1.5/P1.75 and lengths. With mentioned system, we could cover up to 60 different standards(the popular sizes).

Aluminum 7075 Axle Length Ø12x164mm x1 piece

Aluminum 7075 Thread x3 pieces
-Blue: M12*P1.0 Thread Length 20mm
-Brown: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 18mm
-Pink: M12*P1.75 Thread Length 20mm

Skewer x1 piece
Spacer x1 piece
Cone x1 piece
Allen wrench x1 piece

RapiLock MTB Rear 12x150/157

SKU: 4710469821073
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